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Fri, July 12 @ 8:15 pm 9:45 pm ET


Howwwwww can you see into my eyes? Like open doors??????
Oh right WAKE ME UP inside is how!

Look, at our core we are all still in our emo “phase” so on Friday eve let’s celebrate the side of us that will always be there … passionately misunderstood. But like we can’t get through it without someone to call our name and save us from the dark.

Learn a new routine with a friend then perform it wherever you go out after class or whatever. I’m stoked to have my partner be our special guest Jess of Dance Lawyer. We came up with this routine together jamming in her studio it’s really fun makes us laugh but it’s still very emo obvs.

If you can’t find a friend to sign up with- get a ticket anyways and email me and lmk and I’ll Cupid you with someone. Last time people showed up solo and made a new friend from it! I make sure it’s an even amount of people coming, so there will definitely be someone there for you.

About Thirteen:

Dance classes can be intimidating, you show up and it’s like “5,6,7,8!!!” go go go and like, Beyoncé’s backup dancer is in the class on a day off doing it all so fast and you feel like “well I can’t do THAT”. No no this isn’t a class like that at all. This is a class that doesn’t take itself too seriously. In fact, the choreography is designed to make you feel like you’re thirteen years old in a backyard and we are all gonna work on a routine to show our parents before dinner and they will say “oh that was…interesting.” Fun, silly, low stakes. But still a full body workout. And a full hearted time.


New York City Center
130 W 56th Street
Stage Door Entrance
New York, NY, 10019

Thirteen classes are designed for adults 21 years of age and older. All ticket-holders must be at least 21 years old.

Full studio details will be emailed to ticket-holders. Roll call will be taken in class.

By signing up below, I understand that I am responsible for taking my own proper safety precautions and will not hold Angela Trimbur Dance or the dance studio liable for anything. Angela is not a certified athletic instructor but she IS very versed in Fun.

No refunds, transfers permitted: DM or email the name swap, and please forward or screenshot the confirmation email to the new attendee.

p.s. Bring dance knee pads (like these)