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“With collaborators like Miranda July and Evan Rachel Wood, Angela Trimbur stands out among social-media-savvy choreographers whose accessible movement found audiences during the pandemic.”


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“Called Thirteen, Trimbur’s underground-sensation class is an emotional odyssey delivered through dance, with a nostalgic nod to her mother’s ’90s-era studio in Pennsylvania.”

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“But it’s the choreography that nails it—the dancers really commit to the bit, with their sheer determination to turn this indie slop into show biz.”


Loosening Up with Angela Trimbur

“There is a freshness to the way she teaches; an entirely nonjudgmental celebration of the way it feels to move collectively. Many people drive all the way from upstate to take a class, many people have never danced before in their life and absolutely everyone feels like an old friend. Her classes are joyous, not too serious and completely supportive—especially if you’re someone who can barely bring themselves to dance in front of a mirror.”

Angela Trimbur posing by ballet barre

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“Director Alex Eaton and I wanted to honor the Madonna reference in the video, so we pulled a lot from Madonna’s ‘90s tour doc Truth of Dare,” Kirke writes of the video in an email. “Since I’m nowhere near the dancer Madonna is, we brought on the wonderful choreographer/actress Angela Trimbur to create movement that felt organic, sexy, and playful, too.”

Nylon: Lola Kirke Pays homage to Madonna on New Song "Better Than Any Drug"

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“Trimbur teaches classes founded on silliness—an ironic subversion of strictly focused ballet classes of yore. While gently mocking its source material, Trimbur’s attitude towards her low-stakes choreography is totally earnest and pure, with a true beginner mentality. Looking dumb and giggling at yourself is the point: Flail your limbs, roll on the floor, bang your fists, let go!”

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“In a city infamous for its cramped apartments with limited square footage, Trimbur intentionally pared back on decor and furniture in order to designate a large area next to the windows as her dance zone, where she could let her body take up as much space as possible.”

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“When she first came into the room, she cosplayed as a ballet company’s artistic director (image below). The intent was for us to feel like we’re in a ballet company, but turned on its head. Instead of the anxiety-inducing cross-the-floors of my adolescence, here we’re told to walk across the room like an uptight dancer who needs to take a shit.”



“You already know Angela Trimbur – she’s a dancer, actress, writer, and dance instructor living and teaching in NY. Sharing her movement and choreography has brought many together including her virtual dance offerings during quarantine which attracted hundreds of thousands across the globe. Her unique classes allow everyone to get outside of their head and into a free spirited version of accessible dance.”

Angela lying down wearing a RAT BOI outfit