I see the calendar on the website but I don’t see where to buy tickets for classes?
A newsletter is released to let you know when tickets go live (sign up here) … but they always go on sale 12pm Eastern on Tuesdays the week of the class on the Classes page.

What if I have a class ticket but can’t come? Do you offer refunds?
Like most dance classes, we have a firm no refund policy nor can a ticket be used as a future class credit. We do, however, allow you to transfer your ticket to someone else. And since most classes are sold out, it’s easy to! We recommend posting to your Instagram stories that you’re selling your spot and tag @angelatrimburdance and we will re-story. The waitlist has eyes on the dance Instagram and 98% of the time you’re able to sell your ticket that way. You need to screengrab your ticket and give it to the person who bought yours, and email to let us know who is taking your place.

Everyone seems to be friends already in the classes, but I don’t know anyone. Will I feel left out?
Everyone came to class barely knowing anyone and since this community is so welcoming, and since we’re all on the same page with how we want to be silly and weird and we give each other permission to do so … it’s easy to make a friend really fast whenever you’re ready. Come alone, leave with friends.

I tried to get a ticket to class but it sold out really fast! Is there a waitlist?
Yes, you can sign up for the waitlist on the class page the same way you’d buy a ticket! Also be sure to check @angelatrimburdance on IG! Whenever someone is selling a ticket and tags the account, we reshare it so those looking for a ticket can reach out them! Be sure the person you’re buying it from sends you a screenshot of their ticket and confirmation email with studio details.

Do you offer gift certificates and if so, how does that work?
Yes, we do! It’s a sweet gift for a friend or family member and highly recommend giving them this gift of dance! You can find all the information here.

Are your classes all levels? I’m a beginner.
Classes are designed for those who long to dance but have a weird relationship with it. So yes, that’s all levels. I can almost guarantee you’ll have fun and you won’t leave feeling less than. If not, I’ll Venmo you $1.

Can anyone of all ages come?
Classes are designed to feel like a kid at times but to keep everyone on the same page, as of now they are 21+.

Do I need knee pads for the Thirteen class?
The routines fluctuate on knee usage, but it’s always best to be prepared. If not, dance bruises are cool trophies?… but we do recommended always having them with you in your dance arsenal.

I don’t have ballet outfits or ballet shoes, can I still come to Balletcoreâ„¢?
The whole point of the Balletcoreâ„¢ experience is to have fun feeling like a professional, legit ballerina and many do choose to wear leotards, dance skirts, leg warmers, bows … but we understand that’s an investment and until you’re ready to take the dive, feel free to show up in whatever. Tights are at least recommended for ease and comfort.

Where do you teach?
Classes are pop-up classes throughout Manhattan and occasionally Brooklyn, it’s wherever we can rent large dance space for each class. They vary from Martha Graham, New York City Center, Mark Morris, Gibney … but it’s TBD each week. Exact studio details are emailed to you once you register.

Who am I?
You are an evolving person who is slowly figuring out how they want to live their time in this short life. You’re a dancer. You’re best at things when you’re gentle on yourself. You are kind, you mean well. Can’t wait to become your friend. Let’s dance.