Upcoming Thirteen classes

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It’s my birthday so I know I want to riiiiiide out even if we only go to myyyy house (or the New York City center studio!?) how about that. It’s truly my (Angela’s) birthday on July 19th and I’m literally teaching a class that night so let’s make it duh the BIRTHDAY SEX routine by Jeremih. It’s a routine that I hope everyone eventually can learn so they can give a gift of a birthday present to whoever they want and also perform it for them at their birthday. Maybe at the end of class you guys can perform it for me?!!? Which is what happens at the end of class on any other day too so not much different. But “it’s the best day of the year girl” (the song says.) Get ready for action don’t be astounded (it also says). Tell me where you want your gift, girl! Let’s find that G Spot all together!

About Thirteen:

Dance classes can be intimidating, you go and it’s like “5,6,7,8!!!” go go go and like, Beyoncé’s backup dancer is in the class on a day off doing it all so fast and you feel like “well I can’t do THAT”. No no this isn’t a class like that at all. In fact, the choreography is designed to make you feel like you’re thirteen years old in a backyard and we are all gonna work on a routine to show our parents before dinner and they will say “oh that was…interesting.“ Low stakes. But still a full body workout. And a full hearted time.

p.s. knee pads always recommended for all level fun