Taking a stab at something different for this Thirteen class…current songs! Come slurp down the bathwater that I’m sure all the current 13 year olds are doing a TikTok challenge of and let’s dance to the most popular songs as of now. Specifically Murder On The Dancefloor. (But the whole class will be current ahem Texas Hold ‘Em??) but yah choreo to the Saltburn dance finale scene song!

A different backyard, this castle one.

About Thirteen

Dance classes can be intimidating, you show up and it’s like “5,6,7,8!!!” go go go and like, Beyoncé’s backup dancer is in the class on a day off doing it all so fast and you feel like “well I can’t do THAT”. No no this isn’t a class like that at all. This is a class that doesn’t take itself too seriously. In fact, the choreography is designed to make you feel like you’re thirteen years old in a backyard and we are all gonna work on a routine to show our parents before dinner and they will say “oh that was…interesting.” Fun, silly, low stakes. But still a full body workout. And a full hearted time.

p.s. knee pads def recommended

Thirteen classes are designed for adults 21 years of age and older. All ticket-holders must be at least 21 years old.