Upcoming Balletcore™ classes

About Balletcore™:
The aesthetics of a ballet class, the leg warmers the classical music, but not the intimidating perfection seriousness that usually comes with the territory. Maybe you wanted to be a pro. Or you almost were a pro but “your ankles weren’t right” or something or you stopped taking classes when you were 16 because you were comparing yourself too much and it made you think about your body in a way that wasn’t fun…but you like ballet and the idea of it kind of or at least just the outfits come to BALLETCORE™!!

It’s the Mila Kunis of the Black swan.

The Brittany Murphy smoking cigarettes outside of ballet rehearsal in heels and leg warmers.

The Center Stage bad boy driving the motorcycle in the finale.

The Rat Kings of The Nutcracker.

Let’s pretend we are ballerinas and dress the part but leave the perfection behind.

Balletcore™ classes are designed for adults 21 years of age and older. All ticket-holders must be at least 21 years old.