Upcoming Recital Prep classes

  • Next classtime TBD

As you all know there WILL BE a recital. TBD on a date but THERE WILL. But it’s going to be coming up soon. This class will be for those who know most of the routines and want to continue workin on them all as a whole, and get notes from me as well! Less playful, more Let’s RUN THESE ROUTINES! Since I’m is always doing it with you in our regular class, I have to wait to watch your videos and then I’m like "oooh! Wait but..." So this class will be more attention to detail. If you even want my notes! Because who cares there is no right or wrong. Just my version of it, so if you want to get more nuanced with. My eyes on you... this class is for you! But also it can just be a place to practice with everyone and cycle through them.